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Alma Started a New School...

I’m going to a new school /

I’ll meet some new friends /

and learn how to read /

My time here now ends /

I’ll have some new teachers /

I’ll tell them my name /

Just tell me please daddy, /

Will they love me the same?

When Alma first started going to school she would not want to stay. She would cry as her parents hid behind a wall debating whether to take her home with them for the day.

Her teachers would hug her and read to her. She learned how to be loved.

The crying soon stopped.

Alma played games, went on trips and listened to stories.

One time she watched caterpillars turn into butterflies.

Some of her friends left her class. Alma was now the oldest and a great helper to her teachers. When she chose to be.

Very quickly she wanted to realize her newfound maturity even more. She wanted to be in preschool with the older kids

Alma could not wait. She was very impatient. She would run to the preschool door every morning to look at them play before conceding to go into her own class with the other toddlers.

Sometimes she was allowed to spend some time with the older kids. That made her feel very big.

The days went on and soon enough it was Alma’s turn to go to preschool. This time it was where she was supposed to be.

Alma quickly learned many new things

About books and letters and games of pretend.

She could talk much better now and explain all the interesting ideas that came and went through her mind.

Just before leaving for a new school Alma learned how to love.

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