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When Ido Weinberg, a Harvard doctor and Alma’s dad, started noticing that Alma was doing all sorts of amazing things that he could not remember, he decided to write them down. Very soon he realized that these little stories were piling up and resonating with many other parents of young toddlers. In-fact, many of Alma’s little stories reminded parents of their own children and made them smile (or quickly wipe away a tear).
That’s when Ido decided to put some of these stories into a book. He reached out to Ofri, his friend, who also happened to be an award winning illustrator. Luckily (for Ido), Ofri knew and loved Alma as well so she gladly agreed to help by creating the illustrations behind Alma’s Matters. Alma’s Matters is a result of about 18 months of collaboration between Ido and Ofri. And yes. Alma approved all the stories we chose to put in the book.

Samples from the book:

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About us 

Ido Weinberg is Alma's dad. He is a doctor at Massachusetts General Hospital. He loves his wife, Riki, and Alma's brother, Daniel. He swims, bikes and runs.

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Ofri is a multidisciplinary artist who has vast private and commercial experience in illustration and graphic design, and is one of Alma’s best friends.

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Ido Weinberg

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Ofri Rieger

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